AgroNat's "Dhanduveriya" handbook

12 March 2023

Mohamed Shaarif Hassan Saabig

AgroNats "Dhanduveriya" handbook is useful for farmers and beginners .It contains information on farming and how to grow some of the key crops and the diseases that affect the plants.

AgroNasts handbook for farmers " Dhanduveriya " was launched at a special event in Thaa atoll Kandhoodhoo on the occasion of farmers day 2021 by President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih..

This book comprises information on 17 crops grown under Agronats contract farming project.This includes pumpkin , butternut , watermelon , papaya, sponge gourd ,eggplant , banana , tomato, capsicum, cucumber, okra, cabbage, Chinese cabbage and bush beans.

This book contains some farming precautions and habits and important information such as the standards to be applied when using cow dung distancing plants.

Lack of proper knowledge of the appropriate standards and methods of use of pesticides, fertilizers or seeds and herbicides at the beginning of farming often leads to damage to the crops and serious damage to the field. If the farmer is not well informed about the use of pesticides, the crops can be harmful to the body. However, this book will help you solve all these problems

Field pollution, water salinity and prolonged fertilizing,The condition of the fields has now changed in all parts of Maldives..Soil has become  so weak that it cannot produce anything without the help of pesticides.

Farmers should be taught basic standards such as soil nutrient availability, additional nutrient requirements, temperature values and water PHP. You can’t grow crops unless you know what the plants are lacking in nutrients and teach them nutrients and give them the best nutrients. The whole agriculture has been adversely affected by the use of pesticides.

Farmers should also be taught how to use the pesticides and how to use them as little as possible. This book will answer all these needs at a basic level.

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