Precaution using pesticides

14 April 2021

Pesticides are chemicals used for controlling pests (Any organism harmful to plant growth such as insects, disease, weeds etc.). The major classes of pesticides in use today include herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, insecticides. Environmental and human health problems related to the use of synthetic pesticides have created an increasing pressure against their use.

 The following table is the classification of Pesticides based on their toxicity level -

Do’s and Don’ts of using Pesticide


  • Always go for need based application of pesticides after monitoring exact pest and degree of occurrence
  • Use only registered pesticides or the one recommended by Ministry of Agriculture
  • Follow the instruction and safety warning given on the container
  • Only apply the recommended dose and spray fluid volume
  • Use perfectly calibrated Sprayers and nozzles
  • Use personnel protective clothing while spraying (mask , Gloves , Eye and face protection)
  • Keep a record of pesticide spraying activity
  • Store the containers in a safe and cool place
  • Wash and clean tools and containers used for spraying, thoroughly with water and dispose in a safe area
  • Dispose of unused or unwanted pesticides properly
  • If there is any spill of pesticide, use sawdust or sand and decontaminate with disinfecting agents like lime and bleach
  • Restrict the entry of Livestock and pets animals to the sprayed area for a minimum period
  • Call a doctor or your local poison control center immediately in the case of accidental exposure


  • Do not purchase the quantity more than require for a season
  • Do not use banned / nonregistered pesticides
  • Don’t store the chemicals with Edible items 
  • Avoid spraying pesticides when not healthy
  • Avoid frequent and repeated application of pesticide
  • Do not mix incompatible pesticides or pesticides with fertilizers or micronutrients
  • Do not mix pesticides in bare hands
  • Don’t delay the application of insecticide after mixing
  •  Do not dispose unused products or empty containers near water source
  • Do not reuse the pesticide containers
  • Do not smoke or eat while applying pesticides
  • Do not use expired pesticides
  • Avoid mixing pesticides during windy time & Do not spray pesticides against wind
  •  Do not use chemicals for non-target crops

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