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Transformation of agriculture industry in the Maldives

Agro National Corporation (AgroNAT) was founded as a State-Owned Enterprise with the overall mandate to assist in developing the agricultural sector. AgroNAT works toward enforcing objectives such as enabling an efficient supply-chain for agriculture, providing technical expertise and training to farmers, expanding the role of women in farming, and facilitating access to quality fertilizers across islands. AgroNAT also aims to achieve economic targets relating to food security, import substitution, creation of jobs and improving the trade balance.

Strategic Action Plan – Agriculture

The Maldivian Government in its Strategic Action Plan devised for 2019 – 2023 had proposed to establish a dedicated State-Owned Enterprise for Agricultural Development, with an objective of revitalizing the agriculture sector as per the Blue Economy vision. Despite being an integral part of Maldivian society for ages, the agriculture sector has remained under-developed and unexposed to modern developments in farming techniques and technology. The government under its agenda for economic diversification aims to promote agriculture as a meaningful sector in the Maldivian economy.

Strengthening the Supply Chain

It is imperative that the Maldives strengthens agricultural value chains, the productive capacity of farmers and increases the role of agriculture to achieve food and nutrition security, to ensure sustainable production systems, maintenance of ecosystems and inter-sectoral linkages; and as a source of livelihood for communities. The corporation will coordinate with local councils to purchase the produce from the registered farmers, facilitate delivery to distribution centers, and enable supply to target markets

Contract Farming

Contract Farming

Our Vision

To become the catalyst of next generation agriculture, improved community livelihoods and sustainable food systems in the Maldives

Our Mission

To foster agricultural innovation by means of community empowerment, production capacity development, harvest quality improvement and increase entrepreneurships through agro-ecological practices to ensure food security in the Maldives.

The Board of Directors

Hassan Manik


Aminath Latheefa

Board Member

Hussain Faisal

Board Member

Haroon Rasheed

Managing Director

Mohamed Ahmed Fulhu

Deputy Managing Director

Ahmed Ulwan

Chief Operating Officer

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