M. Veyvah Council expressed interest in AgroNat's contract farming program

13 March 2023

Aminath Yumna

M. Veyvah Council has expressed interest in participating in AgroNat's contract farming program. Although watermelon, eggplant, papaya, and peppers are grown in Veyvah island, there are challenges in finding market for the produce.

Transforming the efforts of farmers into income-generating activities is one of the biggest challenges faced by the island. In addition, farmers need technical guidance and information on how to farm and make profit from agriculture. Brinjal shoot and fruit borer problem, and the watermelon farms being infected with different fungal diseases are some of the main problems faced by the farmers of Veyvah.

From the active estimated 30 farmers of Veyvah about 20 farmers are interested in participating in Agronat's contract farming program. ways to further develop and implement farming  in the island was discussed during the meeting.

AgroNat is already working with farmers in various islands of Maldives under contract farming program. AgroNat aims to introduce contract farming in all parts of Maldives and develop agriculture as a reliable economic industry.

AgroNat was established by the government to market agricultural produce from local farms and provide a better income for farmers. The corporation has established contracts with farmers for various types of fruits and vegetables. AgroNat also provides technical and financial assistance to local farmers to produce these items and helps them to market their produce.

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